Memorial Day Peace Vigil, May 27 at Jones Beach

Memorial Day Peace Vigil, May 27 at Jones Beach
Annual Air Show Protest
at Jones Beach
Saturday, May 27, 2017

Pax Christi will be there on Saturday for our ANNUAL PEACE VIGIL to mourn all those lost in war and to renew our efforts to prevent future wars.

We will gather at 8 a.m. in Parking Field 4 and walk at 8:30 to the Needle for prayer and remembrance and then walk along the boardwalk.
$10 Parking Fee. More information below.

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Memorial Day is supposed to be about remembering those who have died in previous wars. It should not be an occasion for recruiting young men and women to fight in future wars, or in the two existing, never-ending conflicts that have killed so many Americans: Afghanistan and Iraq. But that’s what happens at Jones Beach every Memorial Day weekend, at an air show, sponsored by Bethpage Federal Credit Union. Among the huge crowds flocking to the beach for this event are military recruiters, hoping that the gee-whiz military atmospherics surrounding the show will encourage young people to sign on the dotted line and enter the military. That runs starkly counter to the whole purpose of Memorial Day.

This year, the air show takes place on Saturday, May 27, and Sunday, May 28. Pax Christi will be there on Saturday for our annual peace vigil.

Here’s what the May 27th schedule looks like:

8:30 AM: Gathering at the plaza in front of the needle.
10:00 AM: Prayer, followed by a procession along the boardwalk, with hand-held displays of photographs of deceased Long Island service members. During the procession, we’ll hand out flyers that raise awareness about the meaning of Memorial Day.
12:00 PM: Dispersal
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