Back to Iraq Is a Deadly Mistake, Déjà Vu

Back to Iraq Is a Deadly Mistake, Déjà Vu
Re: 1500 more troops to Iraq
November 8, 2014
Letters Editor (submitted to Newsday)
Dear Editor:
Last time, when the Bush administration sent U.S troops to Iraq, we now know it was based on a lie and had deadly consequences.
This time, the public is being told we must stop ISIS  because it is an imminent threat. 
Back in June,  the President sent 275 troops and more in August with another 1100 in September. Now he is doubling down sending another 1500 to Iraq as advisers and trainers. Remembering Vietnam, we know all too well about mission creep. We also know that these advisers, trainers and pilots flying airstrikes are already boots on the ground. The generals are telling us that we will need boots on the ground to win.
Back in August, the President said there was no military solution to the conflict in Iraq. There are alternatives. What is needed is a political solution among all the factions and negotiations that address their grievances. What is needed is an arms embargo.
Instead of airstrikes, the United States should be providing humanitarian assistance with food, shelter and healthcare. Bombing will result in more civilian casualties and will be a recruitment tool for ISIS. 
The U.S. is once again embarking on a disastrous path that claimed over 4,000 American and over 100,000 Iraqi lives. Why do we think military force is the solution this time?
The American people need to weigh in on this decision and make their voices heard. We cannot afford another decade of war.
Margaret Melkonian
Executive Director 
Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives
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