Become A Hofstra Peace Fellow!

Become A Hofstra Peace Fellow!


 What is the LI Alliance Peace Fellows program?  

The LI Alliance Peace Fellows Program is a peace education and issue advocacy program, in collaboration with Hofstra’s Center for Civic Engagement. It focuses on peace, nonviolence and alternatives to war and conflict in the context of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.  Fellows will examine The US Role in the World – by exploring the issues of peace, nonviolence, human security, and the global challenges that we face in the 21st Century and by Reimaging U.S. Foreign Policy. Peace Fellows will engage in training to facilitate deliberative discussions on campus about current policies and possible alternatives. Fellows will participate in issue advocacy and organizing training. The semester-long program will include readings, weekly meetings with briefings and discussions, lectures, training in deliberative dialogue techniques, and an assessment of the program.

LI Alliance Peace Fellows Requirements (5 hours a week):

Read briefing packet materials on issues and conduct additional research

  1. Participate in weekly discussion sessions – TWO HOURS A WEEK.
  2. Attend lectures and film nights (International Scene, CCE sponsored events)
  3. Plan  deliberative dialogue sessions as part of CCE’s special events
  4. Collaborate with the Peace Fellows Coordinator for promoting peace education
  5. Participate in trainings on issue advocacy, deliberative discussions and organizing  
  6. Brainstorm ways to approach issues raised in your training and research
  7. Maintain a journal and submit an evaluation form


LI Alliance Peace Fellows SPRING 2014 Schedule:

  •  1.     Orientation & Overview of US Role in a Changing World             
  • 2.     Peace and Nonviolence
  • 3.     Deliberative Dialogue Training
  • 4.     War and Peace: Conflict Case Study (Afghanistan)
  • 5.     Nuclear Proliferation & Disarmament
  • 6.     Deliberative Dialogue  at Hofstra
  • 7.     Military Spending & Budget Priorities
  • 8.     Global Climate Change
  • 9.     Issue Advocacy Training
  • 10.  Role of Media and Public Understanding of Foreign Policy Issues

 There is a $500 stipend for the semester after proper completion of the requirements of the program. For more information and an application, email

Deadline: February 13, 2014. Program begins February 20

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