Endorse Peace & Planet Mobilization

Endorse Peace & Planet Mobilization

We are fast approaching the Peace & Planet Mobilization, which will open with an International Conference April 24-25, and culminate in the streets of New York for a mass Rally, March, and Festival on April 26. While the largest numbers will be turning out in NYC, we hope your organization – large or small, near or far – will support this Mobilization, helping us to garner and demonstrate broad and deep international support as we use the 2015 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference to demand:

  • The abolition of nuclear weapons
  • Economic justice, including Moving the Money from the Pentagon to meet human needs
  • Racial equity and the demilitarization of policing
  • Environmental justice and urgent responses to climate crises
  • A just and peaceful approach to global wars and confrontations

Our International Planning Group represents over 65 organizations, and the Mobilization is endorsed by an additional 150 organizations and counting. Our goals are two-fold: to demand immediate negotiations for total nuclear disarmament, and to use this Mobilization to strengthen and connect our movements. Your endorsement will help us do just that.

Expectations of endorsers will of course vary depending on your group’s capacity. If your organization is based locally, we hope first and foremost that you’ll mobilize your members to participate in our events in NYC. If you’re farther away, you can plug in by coordinating a local action for the Global Wave, which will start in NYC on April 26 and make its way around the globe (going west), with actions at 1pm in each time zone, or by organizing a viewing session of the Interntaional Conference’s plenary sessions (April 24-25), which will be livestreamed. We also ask that you engage with us on social media to help us spread the word about this Mobilization, and help as we do email blasts so more and more people are aware of the work being done to connect between peace, justice, and environmental struggles and to abolish nuclear weapons.

The work of the Peace & Planet Mobilization is built on and largely inspired by the breadth of organizing done by supporting organizations. Once you’ve endorsed, it would be helpful if you would email us some photos or videos (along with a caption – what, where, and when) that demonstrate the work you’re doing so that we can lift them up in our online outreach. 

Recognizing the interconnected human and moral imperatives of abolishing nuclear weapons, ending and preventing wars, ensuring economic and social justice, achieving racial equity and the demilitarization of police, and addressing climate change and environmental degradation, we are committed to exploring the linkages in order to build broader, more issue-integrated movements for the long term. Thank you so much for considering endorsing this effort, and please share this email widely! 

On behalf of the International Planning Group, and in solidarity and peace,

 Sofia Wolman
 Disarmament Associate, American Friends Service CommitteeEn

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