June 2013 Report and Fundletter for Peace Fellows Program

June 2013 Report and Fundletter for Peace Fellows Program

Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives

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Peacecomes dropping slow . . .W.B. Yeats

 As we work together for peace – for a world without war – the LI Alliance is strongly committed to engaging and supporting the next generation of peacemakers.

 Where are the young people? You can find them at Hofstra in the LI Alliance’s new Peace Fellows Program – on our staff with our new Assistant Director Ariel Flajnik – and on our board with our newest board member, Kayla Rivara. Both Ariel and Kayla have just graduated from Hofstra University.

 We ask for your support of the LI Alliance Peace Fellows Program initiated as a pilot project in collaboration with Hofstra’s Center for Civic Engagement. Peace Fellows is a semester-long program on peace and nonviolence and alternatives to war and conflict. At weekly discussion meetings, students examine the US Role in a Changing World and participate in advocacy and deliberative dialogue training on the issues of War and Peace, Nuclear Disarmament, Military Budget and National Priorities and Global Climate Change. The students are selected after an application and interview process.

 Thanks to the efforts of Mike D’Innocenzo, the LI Alliance has received a grant from the Goldman Foundation for this program. But we need your help to fully fund the Peace Fellows program for the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 semesters. Because of a generous donor, your contribution will be matched. So please give as much as you can to support the Peace Fellows program at this time.

 The work ahead is daunting as we advocate for a treaty to abolish nuclear weapons and for cuts in military spending to fund urgent needs in our communities. The Alliance also believes strongly that as the war in Afghanistan comes to an end, we don’t “just get over it”. Instead, let us learn the lessons and the costs of the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan – and let us work harder than ever to prevent new wars.


We are extremely excited about the Peace Fellows Program at Hofstra. We have had very positive feedback from the Peace Fellows in the pilot project this spring and also from other students who participated in discussions on America’s Role in the World and Global Climate Change. The good news is that some of the Peace Fellows will continue as Alliance interns in the fall.

 Thank you for your sustained support of the Alliance and our shared and persistent pursuit of peace.


Margaret Melkonian                         Andrea Libresco

Executive Director                            President, Board of Directors


Here’s my contribution for  Engaging A New Generation of Peacemakers. Please make checks payable to LI Alliance, P.O. Box 301, Garden City NY 11530

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