Speakers’ Bureau

Our Speakers’ Bureau is comprised of highly qualified individuals ready to speak on the critical issues facing America today.

We have created a network of academic, religious, community, labor, business, and social justice organizations in a serious and ongoing dialogue about the issues that are of concern to us.  Our library of DVDs provides the basis for many programs. Our website, facebook, action alerts keep our individual members and organizations informed.

We give voice to the concerns of many Long Islanders. Our work affirms citizen responsibility for our shared public life and calls us to collective action. In a constantly changing world, citizens must be informed and must be engaged in shaping national policies.

We provides education on peace and national security issues, including:

  • Alternatives to War and Building a Culture of Peace
  • The Military Budget and its Impact on Local Communities in Nassau and Suffolk
  • America’s Role in the World: Redefining National Security
  • The Economic Costs of War and Militarism
  • Preventing the Proliferation of Nuclear and Conventional Weapons
  • A Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty and the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons
  • Nonviolence and Resistance: The Legacies of Gandhi and King